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LED neon rope light

  • RGB Neon rope light IP65
  • RGB Neon rope light IP65
  • RGB Neon rope light IP65
  • RGB Neon rope light IP65
  • RGB Neon rope light IP65
RGB Neon rope light IP65RGB Neon rope light IP65RGB Neon rope light IP65RGB Neon rope light IP65RGB Neon rope light IP65

RGB Neon rope light IP65

  • voltage:12V/24V/110V~240V
  • 9 color for your choice
  • OEM is available
  • Product description:

Product Description


RGB Neon rope light IP65

Item NO.



12V 24V 110V~240V




Light source

SMD 2835



Cut length


Max load


Beam angle


Ambient temp





50m/roll, carton size:33*33*24cmcm,12.2kg


Milky white cover & colored cover

Installation Precautions :

1. Do not puncture, cut, shorten, or splice LED Neon Flex outside of the designated cutting marks.

2. Do not roll out LED Neon Flex on rough surfaces and over sharp corners. This will scratch the PVC optic.

3. Do not use LED Neon Flex if outer jacket is damaged, loose connections, or if the wire is visible without insulation. Inspect LED Neon Flex periodically for damage.

4. Do not secure LED Neon Flex with staples, nails, or like means that might damage the insulation PVC material.

5. Do not install LED Neon Flex on/in places where it is subject to continuous flexing.

6. Do not operate/run LED Neon Flex in temperatures exceeding +45°C.

7. Do not operate AC240V+ / AC120V+ LED Neon Flex on circuits that do not have proper surge suppression or protection. High Voltage spikes will damage the LEDs.

8. Do not operate LED Neon Flex over the specified voltage or LED life degradation will be greatly increased.

9. Do not leave any part of the LED Neon Flex unsecured. Movement over time from weather can cause damage from continuous movement.

10. Do not cut LED neon flex when it's powered.

11. Do not over extend the mini Bend Radius Lateral of 40mm.


Q1:What are your main products?

A1:Our main products are LED SMD single color /RGB/Digital flexible strip, LED Neon Light, LED Panel, LED Effect light.

Q2:Will you send samples first?

A2: Yes, we can supply samples in 2-3 working days depending on the buyers’ want.

Q3:What should I do if the item I received is not the same or broken?

A3: Please contant us firstly for any problems, attach some pictures so that we can sure whether ship out wrong item or any other and do solution at first time.We will try our best to solve all the problems with you.

Q4:What is the payment terms?

A4:T/T, westunion .Delivery the goods after receiving the confirmation of transfer.

Q5:What is the delivery time?

A5: 2-3 working days for sample; 5-7 working days for mass production after received the order confirmation.

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