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How to decorate your house with led light

Lighting design is easy to be neglected when make house decoration, but it will have impact on the home quality. indoor lighting atmosphere can be peaceful and comfortable, but also romantic. now let us analyze how to create a better atmosphere for home with scientific lighting scheme.

Tips for living room decoration with indoor led lamp

1. living room is an important place for family entertainment and meeting, you can watch TV, reading, listen music and open party in living room, so the main lighting design for living room should be bright, practical and aesthetic in order to meet different occasions needs.

2. lighting design are flexible and combined with aesthetics. if divide illumination in to a series layer, then the main lighting would be slight dim than required light.

3. Never forget the spotlight, spotlight can increase the sense of fashion, stereoscopic and elegance, so that your living room is full of dramatic.

lighting solution for living room

1. Normally use a chandelier or ceiling lamp as main light match with other auxiliary lamps like down-light, spotlight etc.

2. Use a dependent desk lamp or floor lamp on one end of sofa, so that no direct light scattering in the whole sitting area for conversation or reading.

3. you can place a unique wall lamp on the wall to make wall brilliance. you also can install the invisible spotlights to decorate if have murals or display cabinet.

4. put a miniature low lumen lamp in front of the television to weaken the contrast of brightness and darkness, help to protect eyes.

tips for bedroom decoration with indoor led lamp

1. bedroom is rest and sleeping place, require better privacy. so the light should be soft not thorn eyes.

2. dress and makeup need a equal brighter light.

lighting solution for bedroom

1. choose the ceiling lamp as basic lighting and install in the middle of ceiling.

2. you can install wall lamp next to the wall and vanity mirror.or desk lamp near bedside.

3. bedside lamps can be fixed near bed.

tips for kitchen decoration

1. kitchen need light to illuminate all horizontal surface and vertical surface for convenient find something in cupboard.

2. recessed ceiling lamp can provide the basic background light, but the lamp quantity depends on the room size.

lighting solution for kitchen

1. find lamp for kitchen usually need to have features of waterproof and easy clean.usually use the embedded or semi-embedded ceiling lamp on the top of kitchen counter.

2. it is better use natural color as light source.


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