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Jiangmen JCW Lighting Co. , Ltd. was established in 2010, is a focus on LED lighting product development, production and sales of enterprises, with innovative products to win the unanimous praise of global buyers. The main production line lighting, silicone neon light belt, soft light belt, LED various models, LED open signboards and other products, in the field of LED neon light with a leading technology and production strength.

The company has a staff of nearly 50 people, a strong marketing and customer service team to serve customers all over the world and major domestic cities.The company has imported professional production lines, advanced production and testing equipment.

JCW LIGHTING welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to negotiate business, join hands to create a better tomorrow!


Contact: Jennifer

Phone: 0750-6332323

Tel: 18022996821

Email: sale@jcwlighting.com

Add: No38 Xinhui Avenue, Xinhui District.,Jiangmen,Guangdong, China.529100

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