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24key IR Remote Mini RGB controller

24 key IR Remote Mini RGB Controller For 5050 3528 RGB Led Light Strip
24 Key IR Remote Controller Specification:
 Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
 Input: 12V
 Output: 12V
 Max load current:2A each color
 Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C
 Control box dimension: 50mm x34mm x22mm
 Remote controller dimension: 85mm x 52mm x 6mm
 On: Turn on Power.
 Off: Power off.
 R: change color to red.
 G: Switch to green color.
 B: change color to blue.
 FLASH: color changing automatically, quickly jump.
 STROBE: automatically change color, gentle jump.
 FADE: automatic color change, gradually move quickly.
 SMOOTH: automatic color change, gradually move smoothly.
24Key Controller Functions
Brightness rise
Brightness drop
Static Red
Static Green
Static Blue
Static White
Static Orange
Static light Green
Static deep Blue
7 color jumpy changing
Static deep Yellow
Static Cyan
Static Brown
Gradually Changing
Static Yellow
Static light Blue
Static Pink
7 color fade changing
Static light Yellow
Static sky Blue
Static Purple
3 base color jumpy changing
24 Key Controller Application:
1.Support 10 meters SMD 5050 30LEDs/M LED Strips or 5 meters SMD 5050 60LEDs / M LED Strips
2.Support 15 meters SMD 3528 60LEDS/M LED Strips or 5 Mters SMD 5050 120LEDs/M Led Strips
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